Hello, thank you.

I am Matthew Bates. Somewhere along the way, many years ago, my nom de guerre became Mat Diablo. Silly, I know. I am professionally interested in the creation, discovery and consumption of music and radio content. I am personally interested in classic motorcycles, anything snow-related, family, and churros.



"Music creates atmosphere. Atmosphere creates environment. Environment influences behavior."

-F. Richard Nibley


"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."

-John Cage

That's as close to a mission statement as I'll get here.

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Press clippings

CNET- January 2014. On Grammy predictions and the contrast between data-driven and human curation.

Billboard Magazine--January 2014. On Slacker's approach to curation and the pop format.

Swimingly--December 2013. On food and music and nostalgia.

Modern Luxury- October 2013. Personal profile.

Billboard Magazine--May 2013. On Slacker's redesign and content overhaul.

Forbes--March 2013. On my picks for bands to "break out" from SXSW 2013.

The Sands Report-2012. On the EDM "explosion" and it's crossover into mainstream radio. 

Jacobs Media- August 2012. On my presentation at the RAIN conference, and my efforts to "humanize" internet radio.

Music Biz Podcast- August 2012. Lengthy interview with Brian Thompson and Michael Brandvold on the future of content discovery and distribution, humanizing internet radio, and static vs dynamic radio.

MediaPost- November 2011. On my attempt to marry art and commerce via a curated station featuring songs that recieved syncs in ad campaigns.

Pacific Magazine- August 2010. On re-joining Slacker after a 2 year break.

Featured Speaker

Winter Music Conference

GRAMMY in the Schools

The Conclave

RAIN Summit

San Diego Music Thing

I was born and raised in a remote outpost within the Sierra Nevada mountains. I live in Oakland, but I'll probably always consider San Diego "home."

Professionally, I am/have been:

  • A successful product manager, specializing in restructuring and salvaging damaged and underperforming media assets
  • A content curator with over a decade of experience--with a focus on the marriage of data and human curation
  • A student of music curation, presentation, merchandising, and discovery--across all genres--with a focus on relationship and reccomendation data
  • A broadcaster and content producer of pop-culture and satirical material with a heavy bent towards the surreal

 Personally, I am/have been

  • A father and husband
  • A classic BMW motorcycle aficionado/moderately skilled mechanic
  • A moderately skilled outdoorsman and Outward Bound alumni with focus on skiing, snowboarding, and general mountaineering
  • An Arduino nerd

My favorite album of all time is Cocteau Twins- Heaven or Las Vegas. I frequently experience l’appel du vide. 

Some media is dynamic, and some is static. I am interested in both.