Hello, thank you.

I am Matthew Bates. Somewhere along the way, many years ago, my nom de guerre became Mat Diablo. Silly, I know. I am professionally interested in the creation, discovery and consumption of music and radio content. I am personally interested in classic motorcycles, anything snow-related, family, and churros.


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Day 1: the Reckoning. 

Hey- It's Mat again.

If you're just now hearing (or not hearing) about it- it's true. The show has been cancelled. I promised you an update today, but it turns out that the three of us have a meeting this morning, so I'd like to wait until after that meeting to post any sort of "official statement" about what happened, what's next, etc. Probably tomorrow morning.

I'll say it again- you have been blowing us away with your kindness and support. All of you that have taken the time to reach out...you will be recognized. We knew we were on to something with this show, but I don't think any of us expected the sheer amount of support that we've received in the last 48 hours. We really do feel like we owe you something, and it's coming.

There are a few cool things in the works, including one last big party for the 91Ex Morning Show community, and a new way for you to stay connected to the SD Craft Beer scene. More on that tomorrow.

Other than that, this is my workspace for the time being: 


Sammi posted this to her Facebook page this morning: 

6:58 a.m.: Wide awake. Making snarky remarks to a stuffed giraffe and magazine photo of Eva Mendes. The phrase "marketable skills" takes on a terrifying new meaning...


I LOLed.

The really cool thing about all of this... We still have access to the community that we've developed. 91X doesn't own it, we don't own it, it kind of just...exists in "the cloud", so to speak. Information wants to be free and all of that.

You can participate in said community here:

What people are saying about us on twitter:


The community seems to be having fun on our facebook page. Join, please:


Some kind soul set up a "team coco" type facebook page here:

Team 91-EX

Fellow radio nerds are discussing here:


And of course, on twitter: @91ExMorningshow

You can still reach us all individually here:



and Samantha.Skolmoski@Gmail.com


Sorry for the delay, but as I said- I want to see how things sort out this morning before I post anything official.

Interior Crocodile Aliigator,