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I am Matthew Bates. Somewhere along the way, many years ago, my nom de guerre became Mat Diablo. Silly, I know. I am professionally interested in the creation, discovery and consumption of music and radio content. I am personally interested in classic motorcycles, anything snow-related, family, and churros.


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What happened to the 91-EX Morning Show?

hey- it's Mat. 

We are going to post something for you on Monday, but right now we are doing what any Three Best Friends would do after finding out they've been fired. Having some beers and trying to figure things out. Mostly having beers.

We are reading all of your emails, facebook posts, tweets, message board posts, plus all of the stuff that they aren't censoring on the 91X page.... and we are humbled. Alternately laughing and crying. We set out in 2008 to create a different kind of radio show, and a community that transcended the 4 1/2 hours a day that we talk nonsense on the radio, and it looks like it worked. For that, we are beyond grateful and touched.

What now? Well, in the short term I am going to take my daughter to the zoo today. Carlos and Sammi are holed up at Carlos' apartment watching Super Troopers and Tivoed episodes of Tim and Eric and laughing maniacally until they are in tears. We are all going to meet up at Karl Strauss' Beach to Brewery event today with the Surfrider Foundation, and we would love to see you there.

Give us a day or so to mellow out, sober up, and regroup with our families. After that, we will post an "official statement" of sorts.

For now, we are going to use this page as a means to communicate with you. 91ExMorningshow.com will be up soon to provide you with the content that you may be missing from your daily routine.

In the meantime, here's whhhaaaaaatttsss on the internet!

The interweb can't be censored. Here's what people are saying about us on twitter:


The community seems to be having fun on our facebook page. Join, please:


Some kind soul set up a "team coco" type facebook page here:

Team 91-EX

Fellow radio nerds are discussing here:


And of course, on twitter: @91ExMorningshow

You can reach us all individually here:



and Samantha.Skolmoski@Gmail.com

The amount of emails and VM's we have been receiving is really astonishing. Give us a sec to hit you back. We most assuredly will.

If you are still interested come Monday, we will have a new message up for you here. That includes info about one last big party featuring (of course) the finest Craft Beer that our fair city has to offer.


Love you, for reals.