"...and if the world is ending, then we toast to it..."
Matthew Bates in radio, the 91X Morning Show

Tonight is the night, friend. The 91EX Morning Show, in collaboration with Karl Strauss and the High Dive, is throwing one last "Friday Night Pints" event. This is our chance to celebrate the past, look forward to the future, drink some great San Diego craft beer, and most importantly- thank you in person for all that you've done for us.

The party is tonight at 7P at the High Dive in Bay Park (click here for map). Check it out:

(Thanks to our friends at the High Dive for the sweet Sammi-esque MS-Paint job, complete with comic sans!)

Unbeknownst to us, the crew at Karl Strauss created a beer to commemorate our unemployment. It's called "Black Friday", and they'll be serving it up from casks tonight only. Just an incredible thing for them to do for us, and we are very grateful. I can't wait to try it. 

SO... tonight. High Dive (click for map), 7P. Just like it's always been... we party hard and cry alone. Come party and cry with us, please.

Looking forward to seeing you there,


"...if the world is ending, then we toast to it..."

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